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a history of the civil celebrant movement in Australia by Dally Messenger III.

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RPL Upgrade Program for Certificate IV in Celebrancy

Certificate IV in Celebrancy RPL Upgrade

What is an Upgrade Pathway?

As a Registered Training Organisation offering the Certificate IV in Celebrancy, we are also pleased to provide a pathway from other qualifications (i.e. Statement of Attainment in Celebrancy, Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy amongst others) to the Certificate IV in Celebrancy qualification.

The new qualification can be provided through the process known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This is an assessment pathway that involves evaluation of your skills and knowledge against the criteria for the Certificate IV in Celebrancy.

How do I apply for information?

Call us on 1300 446 786 or fax to (03) 9478 5104 or email us at We have an Assessment Booklet available, please contact us if you are interested in pursuing this option.

Am I someone who would benefit from this?

This is a question that needs careful consideration and the answer depends somewhat on what you see as your professional career in celebrancy. If you are a newly appointed celebrant, you may gain benefit from the ‘gap training’ that you may require, or you may consider the upgrade pathway in years to come. If you are a long-term professional celebrant, you may only consider the benefit quite minimal.

How does this relate to my On-going Professional Development obligation?

As a registered civil marriage celebrant, you are obliged to complete Ongoing Professional Development every year, currently set at 5 hours per year. The Marriage Regulations 1963 have been amended to include a section that states that a Certificate IV in Celebrancy qualification will not be considered as exemption from your OPD obligation.

What will it cost me?

The fee structure will be commensurate with the amount of ‘gap training’ that may be required by you, this will be determined by the pre-assessment and arranged with you prior to enrolment in the required units of study for ‘gap’ training.  The minimum assessment fee will be $400, which is a one-off registration fee of $200 and $200 for an assessment that is considered equivalent to one unit of study. Fees will rise in proportion to the number of units required to be completed in order to complete the ‘gap’ training.

There is no fee for our pre-assessment of your needs prior to enrolment.

How are the assessments conducted?

Our assessments will be done in conjunction with the processes laid down by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), the umbrella framework for all education institutions. The following information is taken directly from the AQF Standards Framework, it is provided as background information to the process of applying for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

“Some of the principles under which it operates are

RPL should recognise learning regardless of how, when and where it was acquired, provided that the learning is relevant to the learning or competency outcomes in a course or qualification,

RPL processes should be timely, fair and transparent

RPL assessment should be based on evidence and should be equitable, culturally inclusive, fair, flexible, valid and reliable

RPL assessment processes should be of a comparable standard to those used to deliver and assess the qualification; evidence-based, transparent and accountable; and explicitly subject to the quality assurance processes used to ensure the standard and integrity of assessment processes within institutions and be validated and monitored in the same way other assessment processes are validated and monitored.

RPL assessment should be structured to minimise costs to the individual

RPL decisions should be accountable, transparent and subject to appeal and review.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is defined as an assessment process that assesses the individual’s non-formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which that individual has achieved the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes or standards for entry to, and/or partial or total completion of a qualification. It is the student that is assessed and not any formal course they may have completed.

In order to recognise prior learning it is necessary to compare the learning the individual has achieved against the learning outcomes or performance criteria of the qualification for which the student is applying and determining the appropriate evidence to support the claim.

The processes used to assess RPL applications may take several (not mutually exclusive) forms, for example:

Participation in exactly the same or modified versions of the assessment the student would be required to complete as part of the full course.

Assessment based on a portfolio of evidence.

Direct observation of demonstration of skill or competence.

Reflective papers, journals or portfolios that relate past learning to the learning or competency outcomes of the current course or qualification.

Provision of examples of the student’s work drawn from the workplace, social, community or other setting in which the student applies their learning, skill or competence.

Testimonials of learning, skill or competence.

Combinations of any of the above.


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