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About us: who we are: Celebrant Education & Training

Diplomas and Short Courses in Marriage, Funeral, General Celebrancy.
Short Courses in Celebrant History, Celebrant Spirituality, as well as in Marriage, Funeral, General Celebrancy.

How you benefit from studying with the College

For you, we have the best Diploma Courses in Celebrancy in the world and we know it. (Specialist website for Diplomas and Short courses - full details). We have the experience, we have the dedication, and we have the track record of producing the best courses, the best materials, the best graduates - and the best teaching and training methods. We know we are the best value for money. (No furtive "fine print", or conditions or tricks to make you pay more.)

If you believe you have that special something, we are for you. If you want to understand ceremony and ritual to enrich your community and your family life, and yourself - really good reasons to study celebrancy - why not do your course from those who really know what they are talking about?

And, for the reasons above, if you are an authorised celebrant wishing to improve your understanding, skills, and depth, we are for you. You would realise there is an ethical obligation, to know what you are doing when you officiate at important events in people's lives.

We are experienced celebrants. We believe in ceremony.

You will find that we, at the International College of Celebrancy, are for real. You'll discover why we believe in ceremony. You will come to appreciate ceremonies are an essential component of our culture. You will become convinced that a culture rich in ceremonies - ceremonies of acknowledgment, of recognition, of bonding and of support - enrich human life. You will be inspired to realise how good ceremonies in individual lives add to the sum total of human happiness. Human happiness is what this College has always been about.

Ongoing Support

You will receive support, information and inspiration as one of our valued students all the way through. (We don't just take your money and wave goodbye! ). Our students always have the core members of the college team accessible through e-mail, phone, and Facetime/Skype.

You will get the message too that we continue to support our students after their studies, when they are facing the challenges of creating best practice ceremonies in the real world.

From the moment you become one of us (as a student) you can join our ongoing email forum for staff, students and graduates run by triple graduate celebrant Lynnette Olsen.

You have, assisting you, our team, who are all experienced celebrants. All of us are, or have been,authorised marriage celebrants. You know already that there is simply no substitute for knowing what you are doing.

We encourage mutual support

You will be impressed how our students and graduates have had a long history of supporting each other - how they stay in touch with each other in our e-mail forum and Facebook and in many other ways. You will be encouraged to attend (observing protocols) ceremonies, learn from your colleagues, and enrich each other by sharing experiences. You need a team which is really well qualified in Education, as well as in in Celebrancy and in all the associated skills that matter. Check us out.

Graduation ceremonies are held occasionally. At these we honour our most recent graduates in the style befitting a College of Celebrancy!

Our Principal, Dally Messenger III

You will be encouraged to know that the principal of the College, Dally Messenger III, has a track record of being involved with civil celebrancy from the beginning. He was asked by the founder, Lionel Murphy, to become the first secretary of the Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Australia, founded in 1974. He has taken, with Murphy's encouragement, a leadership role in all the years since. He has taught and mentored celebrants since 1974.

You may be interested to know that Dally was the leading teacher when Celebrancy began in the USA. He has been involved in lecturing and encouraging independent civil celebrants in the United Kingdom. He was the invited guest speaker in New Zealand for three major conferences in a row. He was the foundation president of the first Funeral Celebrants Association of Australia, and the foundation president of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants. In 2009 he was invited back to their national conference as its keynote speaker.

Dally was and is the compiler-author of the best selling resource book on civil ceremonies, Ceremonies and Celebrations, now in the fourth printing of its fourth edition. He is also the author of the definitive History of the Civil Celebrant Movement - Murphy's Law and the Pursuit of Happiness.

You will see the results of our work since 1995, the high calibre of celebrant the College has produced - the result of quality training and education. We have followed up by Ongoing Professional Development - producing over 12 textbooks, and many celebrancy information booklets which have been universally acclaimed.

Finally, you should train with the college because our students acclaim us. Why not read their testimonials and proceed with confidence.

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