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Certificate IV in Celebrancy (suspended). There is a New Certificate IV in Celebrancy (2017) and due to circumstances, including the enormous expense of becoming an Regsistered Training Organisation (RTO) and bureaucratic supervison by non-celebrants, we have decided not to be part of it. We also think there are thousands more celebrants than is necessary. However, for the sake of those who believe that celebrancy is their calling we will be suggesting options for studying this certificate in the near future.



Certificate IV in Celebrancy is a part of the Nationally Recognised Training program. It is necessary to have this qualification to apply to the Australian Attorney-General for authorisation as a civil marriage celebrant. As a matter of honesty, we need to inform prospective students that Australia is very well supplied with marriage celebrants and and the prospect of earning even a part time income is minimal (Do not believe"you-will-make-lots-of-money statements to the contrary. If a student to wishes to study celebrancy for personal development and to enrich family ceremonies ( a very good reason) it may be best to study one or more of our Diploma Courses which are totally relevant to the celebrant role.

To apply to become an authorised celebrant in Australia an application fee of $600 is required , and a yearly registration fee of $240. The website of the Attorney-General's Department, www.ag.gov.au, has further information on its 'Becoming a Celebrant' page.

We teach in three ways

Following is the information on the compulsory and elective units required for this qualification.

CHC42608 Certificate IV in Celebrancy

This qualification covers the broad based skills and knowledge that underpin a range of celebrancy roles, as well as addressing specific legislative responsibilities of marriage celebrants and providing a range of electives representing different aspects of celebrancy work.
Celebrants may specialise in a range of areas of celebrancy as well as developing skills to manage their own business operations.

Occupational titles include:

Celebrant, Funeral celebrant, Civil celebrant, Community celebrant, Marriage celebrant, Family celebrant.


13 units must be selected for this qualification including:
5 compulsory units
8 elective units

A wide range of elective units is available and may include:

The four (4) electives required for marriage celebrancy listed below must be selected for work in marriage celebrancy. Other relevant electives listed below the compulsory units for this qualification.

Compulsory units

CHCADMIN305D Work within the administration protocols of the organisation
CHCCEL401A Work effectively in a celebrancy role
CHCCEL406A Identify and address client needs in a celebrancy role
CHCCOM403A Use targeted communication skills to build relationships
CHCCS400A Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework

Electives required for marriage celebrancy (Australian Attorney-General's Department).

CHCCEL402A Establish and maintain knowledge of legal responsibilities of a marriage celebrant (Note pre-requisite: CHCCEL401A)
CHCCEL403A Develop an effective relationship with a marrying couple
(Note pre-requisite: CHCCEL402A)
CHCCEL404A Plan a marriage ceremony in line with legal requirements
(Note pre-requisite: CHCCEL402A)
CHCCEL405A Conduct and review a marriage ceremony in line with legal requirements
(Note pre-requisite: CHCCEL402A)
Other relevant electives

The college recommends and trains the following electives.

If you do not wish to conduct funerals, you may be able to complete your required electives with 2 business units instead.

CHCCS426A Provide support and care relating to loss and grief
SIFFNL009A Plan and conduct a funeral ceremony
CUFWRT301A Write content for a range of media

CUSMPF402A Develop and maintain stagecraft skills.

Other available electives are:

Business services

BSBSMB403A Market the small business
BSBSMB405A Monitor and manage small business operations
Face to Face classes organised by the College. -

Face to Face classes apply also to Diploma Students

Contact the College on 1300 446 786 or weare@celebrantcentre.com.au with any questions you may have. Enrollment for face to face classes is essential and must be completed two weeks before course commencement date.

Enquirer's Information Booklet with Enrolment Form from our Download pages.

Download the Diploma Courses Information Booklet with Enrolment Form at the bottom of our Diplomas page.

Distance Education Courses are different to Correspondence Courses

Because the College has students and graduates in every state of Australia and in some western country, all courses can be studied by Distance Education. Distance Education courses are different to Correspondence Courses in that field work with experienced celebrants, simulated ceremonial activities and sometimes sessions with local teachers of voice and speech are required.

Distance Education is not simply correspondence or online. It does involve field work research and activities with accomplished celebrants and simulated ceremonies. You can start any time and work at your own pace. However, to ensure you complete your study within a reasonable timeframe, you need to set yourself weekly times and goals that you can achieve.

You have full access to the distance tutors and the college for any questions or clarifications you may have. You can also have discussions via 'Skype'.

Distance learning is suitable for those whose lives are such that regular attendance at a face-to-face course is not suitable.

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